Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our mailbox rental is cheaper than PO box

Our mailbox rental is a greater alternative to the regular PO box rental. A lot of the times, post office boxes only receive letters. If you have parcels sent to PO boxes, they usually charge you for storage and the size of it. With our service, we’re able to receive parcels of any size (as long as they fit through our doors) and letters without cost. You don’t have to wait in line to pick up your oversized packages or letters.

And then there are always the unexpected customs and duty fees. Parcels with any customs or duty fees are always left uncertain at PO boxes – will they be received or paid for?  Overweight packages are not received by PO boxes either. Not to worry, we pay for this when it arrives and invoice you. This way, you are not losing any business or any important shipments that end up costing you more money.

With our packages, you have the option of having your mail forwarded to you at a very low cost. For longer sign up terms, you receive a higher discount.

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Why we're better than a PO box (tag: PO box vancouver, mailbox rental vancouver, mail forwarding)

Here at The Network Hub, we provide a wide range of services that cater to small business and entrepreneurs; from phone answering service to temporary and short-term office space to meeting room rentals. One of our most popular services is our mailbox rental.

With our mailbox rental, you are given a real street address, not a PO box. This means you can use your new business address to register and incorporate. And we’ll let you know once your official documents have arrived through our email notifications. Unlike a postal box rental, we let you know what has been received and who it is from, so you can save yourself a trip if you are checking for mail – you know exactly what you have in your mailbox.

When you publish the address on your business cards and website, clients are able to see that your business is in a commercial downtown location, not a residential area or post office. These days, everyone is using Google street view to see where you are. So, you can show them a downtown office. 

Our mailbox rental includes reception service between 9am and 5pm on weekdays. When your potential clients or current clients come in to speak to you, they are greeted by a receptionist at our office. They’ll see offices, a meeting room and waiting area. We let you know who came in and email you with their message. Since we are actually an office, you are able to book out our meeting room to meet your clients, or rent a workstation to finish your work.

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