Friday, March 19, 2010

Nine Bunnies: Following your passion can be so delicious

Who wouldn’t want to take what they love doing and turn it into a career? In this fragile economy, that thought might be put on hold for most. But not for Stephanie Le, who broke the momentum she was in by putting her secure job aside to establish her baking company – Nine Bunnies. Her family and friends provided the reinforcements and she decided that “now was as good a time as any to stop what [she] was doing and reset [her] life the way [she] wanted.” With that, she set aside the money factor and decided to go full force with her passion for baking sweets.

Stephanie’s coinciding loves for baking and cooking have resulted in a daily blog that has been drawing a huge following – Momofuku for 2. This blog documents her attempt at cooking (and eating!) every recipe in the Momofuku cookbook. With this, she hopes to reach a wider audience and push her limits. And though her goals for making it big and being well known are always on her mind, she firmly believes in being involved in the day-to-day production and doesn’t want to sacrifice what she loves to do and be stuck in management.

She describes baking as an “instant gratification” and enjoys the rush of success when a difficult recipe turns out. The same thing could be said about her business, as she plans on running her own boutique bakery in the city one day. “[I] just want a place where I could indulge my baking experiments and where people can pop in before work to get a nice treat before they start their day.” Following her passion and taking a risk has also landed her a long-term contract with a prestigious store in Yaletown within a very short period of time of opening her business.

Some of the most successful business today were businesses that were started during the recession. Nine Bunnies could be a household name in no time with Stephanie as the driving force.

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