Monday, June 21, 2010

Tips for 2010-06-19

  • A great vegetarian place on Main Street #
  • Heritage Hall is a pretty darn nice venue! And super affordable, great place for wedding reception #
  • Can’t go wrong with simple rocks, flowers and candles for your center piece! Affordable and pretty #
  • Ooooh at a wedding reception at Heritage Hall catered by The Reef restaurant #
  • Disconnecting again for the rest of the day! Wow so strange to #
  • RT @News1130radio: Can Line restored – TransLink now says probs between Stadium and Waterfront – users should walk to Stadium to head east #
  • Woo hooo!!! Jazz Fest!!! RT @VancityBuzz: June 25 the Vancouver Int’l Jazz Fest is back!! Lots of Free shows!! #
  • Wow spent the day at the beach without phone or watch or gasp twitter to come back to great #FF love!!! Thank you! #
  • Let’s catch them! RT @georgiastraight Surveillance photos of gay bashing suspects released by Vancouver police #
  • Just gonna stand there and watch me burn/Well that’s alright because I like the way it hurts – Eminem & Rihanna #
  • Awesome song of the day “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem and Rihanna #
  • And just in case you didn’t know, follow #WORLDCUP #
  • Awesome founders #FF @jess @hnshah @Justyn @yukai_chou @loic @caterina @cdixon #
  • Must follow my favorite news outlet #FF @mashable @techcrunch @wired @rww @hackernewsbot @mediagazer #
  • Yikes apparently execution by firing squad still happen, well in Utah recently! #
  • Lakers fans smash windows, throw rocks, run onto freeway; police try to maintain order #
  • At The World Series Of Poker Two Founders Are Betting The Company — Literally (how do their employees feel about this?!) #
  • Why Facebook Can’t Genuinely Connect People #
  • Flickr’s 40 million registered users are being given the chance to make money #
  • Fantastic read, it’s a good 2 days of reading but oh so worth it! 25 Ideas To Change The World #
  • Goodness, finally! Dinner time, work all done! #
  • RT @hummingbird604 Win a chance 2 take your Dad for dinner at @Glowbal_Group Sanafir & see @TheArtsClub’s “Spelling Bee” #

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