Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Picnic At Canada Place

vancouver office space P10105331 150x150 Picnic at Canada Place

Today I went to one of my favorite places in Vancouver – Canada Place. I like to go there because I can always enjoy a picnic! Eating outside is a magic spice, every food can be yummy food even my cooking!

In Canada, the most popular foods we think about for picnics are sandwiches, pizzas, hamburgers, and fruits. I love those but I like my country’s preference – Japanese rice balls. It’s the one of the most popular treats in Japan and it’s very easy to cook. The most popular flavor  is made of lightly salted rice, has pickled ume on the inside and is wrapped with seaweed.

There are so many kinds of fillings and ingredients we can choose. For example, teriyaki chicken, tuna, salted cod roe and spicy octopus to name a few. We can put in whatever ingredients we like! My favorites are mayonnaise tuna and baked salmon!

Next time you’re out and want to have a picnic, bring some rice balls. And if you go to Canada Place with your children, there is an activity centre called “Discovery Centre”.  You can learn about the Port Metro Vancouver’s history and its importance. In addition, there are mini games like having to ship coal from Canada to Japan!

Before the rainy winter hits us, let’s enjoy beautiful Vancouver’s sunlight while it’s here a little past summer!

vancouver office space P10105263 150x150 Picnic at Canada Place

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